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人日快樂!Happy 7th Day of the Lunar New Year!

勞惠光2023兔年運程 | Arthur Lo's predictions for Year of the Rabbit, 2023

We had spectacular performances at the Shoppes of the Parkway mall on 1.28.2023, the 7th day of the Lunar New Year!

Today was the seventh day of the Lunar New Year or 人日, “everyone’s birthday.” Just like in the Bible, Chinese mythology says that Nuwa, the mother goddess, created humans in the 7th day.

Here’s a recap of the beginning of the event, including the eye-opening 點睛ceremony featuring David West, Mayor of Richmond Hill.

Performers are from Wai Mo Lion Dance! Thank you for your amazing work!

Here’s our footage of Wai Mo Lion Dance performing in front of our store, unit 65, at the Shoppes of the Parkway!

Thank you so much!! Let 2023 be an amazing and prosperous year for us all!

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