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kolkata, 2008. in the second edition of this book, the second chapter is again expanded with nine new chapters and 22 chapters are published for the first time in the second edition. mussolino's book of financial accounting provides an in-depth analysis of the theory, functions and use of financial accounting in the indian financial system. it covers all the major topics of financial accounting in detail and will.05 may not occur (compare [Fig. 6 A](#fig6){ref-type="fig"}), in which case this could act to maximize the evoked EJP. We note that, in the presence of a moderate regenerative Ca^2+^ current (and sufficiently depolarized RRP), the probability of successful release increases at any given moment of time ([Fig. 8 D](#fig8){ref-type="fig"}). This is because as the RRP declines with release, so is the probability of subsequent fusion and a successful release ([Fig. 8 E](#fig8){ref-type="fig"}). However, at the optimal times, the RRP is large and the demand for Ca^2+^ release is low, and hence the probability of a successful release is extremely high. In addition to increasing release probability, regenerative Ca^2+^ currents may also increase the release rate. This can be seen in the simulations of [Fig. 6 B](#fig6){ref-type="fig"} (red trace). The temporal profile of Ca^2+^ influx is shown as the dashed line. The red trace closely matches the d*F*/d*t* traces, and the total amount of Ca^2+^ influx during the train is greater than in the corresponding leaky case. In the absence of a regenerative Ca^2+^ current, Ca^2+^ influx is limited by the decay of Ca^2+^ buffers and hence increases to a maximum of ∼0.2 µmol/l ([@bib48]). With a regenerative Ca^2+^ current of the same magnitude, the Ca^2+^ influx increases to ∼0.9 µmol/l. However, it is not clear that, as opposed to the case with the IP~3~-mediated Ca^2+^ current, the regenerative Ca^2+^ current is the sole mechanism for increasing release rate. Conclusions ----------- The data of this paper strongly support the



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