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Dr. Arthur Lo has been involved in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for almost 40 years. During his early years, he studied under the famous Hong Kong TCM expert Tam Po Kwan. Afterwards, Dr. Lo obtained his PhD at Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where he learned from TCM experts Xiang Ping, Zhu Liangchun, Gu Wujun, and Zhou Zhongyu. Dr. Lo has helped Dr. Xiang Ping with a number of events at Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where Dr. Xiang Ping currently serves as Principal.

After finishing his PhD, Dr. Lo then attended Sichuan West China University and studied under Professor Li Tingqian to further his knowledge and bridge the gap between Chinese and Western medical pedagogy.

In 1999, Dr. Lo, with the help of another TCM practitioner, established the first Chinese Medical College in Toronto, Canada, the Toronto International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. There, Dr. Lo taught TCM theory in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. In order to promote TCM, Dr. Lo has been a regular on Chinese radio stations across Canada and the United States. Dr. Lo has also been giving TCM health talks at various non-profit organizations, such as Markham Wesley Centre, Mon Sheong, Yee Hong, Hong Fook, Vintage Garden, etc.

Dr. Lo’s most notable works include “TCM Travellers,” “Chinese Medicine Today”, “Five Methods for Understanding Healthy Living” and “Let TCM Wipe Out the Blues.” He has also been writing for a TCM column in the Montreal newspaper “Overseas Chinese Times” for the last six years or so.

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